The path arround Terradillos

Terradillos de los Templarios Templarios is a small village located in the limits of the Leon and Palencia county, near N-120 road.
In the latests roman period (S.VI d.D.) existed a small Roman villa though of little historic value, in a nearby area to the Cueza river.

This land was mastered by the Romans and many city names (Quintanilla, Calzadilla) speak us of their accession in the castellan plateau. But it is not until the Middle Ages, when the locality reaches name and certain relevancy of the hand of the Path to Santiago, the Real French Path that form part brings us the diffusion of the devotions and pilgrimages.
In the testaments of the Abbey of Sahagún (s. XI), figure as “Terratellos” and in the “Calf of the Behetrías” (s. XIV), as “Terradiellos”. According to the places names, it can mean “place of the small land roofs or of the terrazas.”

Terradillos had two churches, the disappeared from San Esteban and the current that it is devoted to San Pedro. It is of brick of an alone ship. Presbytery with triunfal arch of middle point. In interior of the church emphasizes the greater altarpiece of the s. XVII, a crucifix of the s. XIV, and some devocional height.
But if by something it should be to know Terradillos is about its relationship to the order of the Templars. Already it was jurisdictional territory of the order of the Templars.
The legend speaks in addition to that in this place, the last of the templars, buried the famous “hen of the gold eggs“. The people from Terradillos have located traditionally in the High of Torbosillo, the site where is hidden so appraised animal.
Little is known today, though recently they have been located in the surroundings of the village, remains of a medieval city and necropolis with about 200 tombs

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